Coding Course for Kids

Enable your Child to Become A Creator!

What if instead of just playing games and watching TV, your kids could actually create THEIR OWN games, animated stories or applications ?

Coding is the New Literacy! Boosts Concentration
Coding helps kids to Learn Creativity & Problem – Solving Skills !
Coding improves their Logical / Mathematical ability !
Coders are in high demand. Skill Matters, Not Age !

Coding balances left and right brain, convergent and divergent thinking, to enable peak creative expression. Kids learn logic and structure to command tech tools and generate outcomes like games and applications.

Kids use code to build their own games, animation and apps and that fundamentally changes their relationship to technology to being a creator rather than a consumer / end user. Their screen time is much more fruitful and outcome based.

Our courses will teach Fundamentals of Logic, learning to form Sequences, Algorithms, Variables, Functions, Events through development of basic gamification way of learning Coding.


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