Why a Professional Certification?

A professional certification is a process of testifying your ability/knowledge or experience in a structured way, makes you more aware of the industry standards that are widely accepted and trusted. It certifies that a person has displayed adequate knowledge and has the potential to execute the same if put to practice in the chosen or related field.

Why should I have a professional certification/ how does it help?

Perhaps, you may be feeling stuck in your job. You may feel as though you need a boost, something that could help you advance, make more money, and become more marketable. Or maybe even something that would powerfully propel you into a different field. Something that could set you apart and make employers take notice. Maybe you could accomplish your goal with more education or training, but you’re not in a position to go back to school at this point. The answer just might be earning a certification in your field or in a new field.

Growth of professional certification:

Due to population expansion, and also because of growth of educated youth, we roughly have about 1600 certification programs in various fields. In addition to this we have about 227 accreditation programs. Where once the potential of a person used to be determined through word of mouth,  our technologically advanced and expanded society needed newer ways of recognizing competence.